Connor Lorber


Connor Lorber, senior economics major. Photo courtesy of Connor Lorber.

OPINION: Don't stop caring about making a difference once COVID is over

This all shows how, when we really are all motivated, we can shift our lifestyles, our policies and our economy to overcome even the most challenging obstacles. We will, at some point, be on the other side of this pandemic. At that point, though, we shouldn’t simply go back to how we lived before. Instead, we should transition our fervor for overcoming COVID-19 to another paradigm-shifting issue that isn’t going away nearly as soon: climate change. 

Connor Lorber is a photographer and videographer for The Beacon. 

Staff Opinion: A love letter to Tarantino's films

I love movies. Ever since I was in the fourth grade, my dream has been to make movies. It started with simply wanting to put videos on YouTube. My 10-year-old self made a channel titled BlazersAreAwesome — a name I regret to this day since I can’t put my page’s URL in my Instagram bio without being just a little bit embarrassed. 

Sports Reporter Jamison White talks with a few UP students about how they think the upcoming MLB season is going to go. 

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Students make MLB predictions

As the MLB season starts to get into full swing, it's never too early to make predictions. We went around and asked some passionate University of Portland students about their thoughts on the season to come.

We asked Lund Family Hall's pastoral resident Father Dan 25 questions.

25 Questions with Father Dan

We asked Lund Family Hall's pastoral resident Father Dan about his life, hobbies, favorite Salt & Straw flavor and what it's like to be friends with Terry Porter.

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College major stereotypes, as explained by students

Every college student has heard a stereotype about their major. “Oh, so you really like math right?” “Oh, that’s the easy major.” “What are you going to do with a major like that?” Even if you are in the discipline of your dreams, it can be hard to deal with common stereotypes (and misconceptions) about your major.  In this video, we asked students at UP for the most common stereotypes they hear about their major. 

Connor Lorber is a photographer and videographer for The Beacon. 

Staff Opinion: Exercise doesn't have to be hard

As college students, it’s easy to feel like we don’t have time to do much outside of school. We spend so many hours studying for tests, completing assignments, and working part-time jobs that many of us completely forgo exercise, whether it be a lack of time or a lack of energy.

Sports reporter Jamison White breaks down what it'll take for the Men's Soccer team to repeat as WCC Champions.

Men's Soccer Championship Breakdown with Jamison White

This year, the Pilots still have a chance at the title. But since the championship game won't be played on Merlo, it can be a little hard to keep track. If you're lost, don't fret. Sports reporter Jamison White has the breakdown for you here. 

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VIDEO: Students share their all-time-fave classes and professors

Students share their all-time-favorite classes and professors from their years at UP. Class registration for next semester is this week and next week. Not sure when you're supposed to register? Check out the registration schedule here. Not sure what you want to register for? Have an extra elective spot? Check out our video below. We asked students about the classes they loved the most so you can make an informed decision on what to register for.