Cami Hughes


Cami Hughes is a senior sociology and psychology major. Photo courtesy of Cami Hughes.

OPINION: A senior's reaction to the 2021 commencement decision

As I read the news that the class of 2021’s commencement would be held online, I was flooded with a mix of emotions, like many of my fellow seniors. I gathered in my living room with five other seniors and we all shared our mix of emotions and what this commencement ceremony meant for us. We felt anger, sadness, and immense frustration as we processed the news. After sitting with our emotions for a day, I am now filled with more questions as to how this decision was made. There are issues in what Fr. Poorman wrote to us in his email regarding the process and steps taken by the committee, specifically as to who was involved and how they feel there is no possibility to hold an in person ceremony.