Alexa Gris


Alexa Gris, UP alumnus ('18). Photo courtesy of Alexa Gris.

OPINION: UP Students: Keep Fighting

To the administration: When students speak, you may hear them — but unfortunately, you are not listening. Please take into consideration the student body’s voice, always. The Bluff will forever be a second home to them. It is still and always will be home to me. But do take the time to realize that the university would not be what it is today without its passionate and courageous students, who spur such incredible progress. The Bluff is nothing without its Pilots.

Alexa Gris. Photo courtesy of Alexa Gris.

Opinion Submission: The forgotten genocide

As the University of Portland attempts to revitalize diversity and inclusivity on our campus, I would like to offer a new perspective — a lost piece of history — that I believe has gone unheard for far too long. As we enter the month of April, I would like to bring your attention to the story of my people, the story of the Armenian Genocide.