Job: Beacon Editor-in-Chief (2022-23)

The Beacon is taking applications for editor-in-chief (EIC) for the 2022-23 academic year. This high-ranking student position requires experience and skill in journalism and leadership. All applicants must have been a fulltime UP student for one year prior to taking the EIC position. Ideal candidates have experience working for The Beacon and at least a 3.0 GPA.

Annual Stipend: $6000 (not an hourly position)

Please read all information and the full job description before applying. Scroll down for the application.


Question: In a nutshell, what kind of person does this job require?

Answer: The ideal Beacon EIC should:

  • be emotionally mature, articulate, insatiably curious, intelligent, creative, organized, ethical, empathic, dependable and driven towards excellence
  • be an outstanding listener, thinker, writer and leader
  • read, watch and listen to a variety of professional news sources to keep up-to-date on local, national and international news
  • be nimble. Knows that life is not always mapped out like an academic syllabus . When stuff happens, the EIC can roll with it in a professionally responsive rather than reactive way.
  • have an even, mature temperament, be capable of representing The Beacon not just to Beacon staff but
    to the entire University community and beyond
  • inspire intrinsic motivation in peers
  • prioritize diversity, inclusion and equity in coverage, storytelling and hiring, making sure other Beacon staff are inclusive and culturally competent in their practices
  • be open to learning
  • know how to make a good story great
  • understand and prioritize the importance of visuals, including photography, video, and infographics
  • has a vision/ideas for making the Beacon’s website, newsletter and social
    media platforms among the top respected college media platforms in the U.S., one that engages the entire UP community
  • care deeply about the University community, especially its students

Mandatory scheduled time commitments:

  • Beacon staff one-week training camp before fall classes start (mid/late August)
  • Tuesdays and Thursday 5:40 p.m. - 7 p.m. staff meetings
  • Wednesday nights: one-hour Editorial Board meeting (start time negotiable)
  • Mondays- one-hour weekly meeting with adviser (mid-morning or afternoon)

JOB DESCRIPTION (source: UP Student Media Guide)

The Beacon Editor-in-Chief shall:

A.   Supervise and contribute to ongoing content on and other digital platforms.

B.   Be responsible for all material that appears in the publication, except for advertising content. While
advertisers are responsible for the accuracy of their advertisements, the editor should monitor and approve advertising content so that it is consistent with University values. Adhere to all University policies and the basic tenets of responsible journalism as outlined within this Student Media Guide and its appendices. 

C.    Exercise sound judgment grounded in fairness and accuracy and the canons of responsible
journalism, including ensuring significant errors of fact are corrected and published promptly. In cases of subjective analysis and editorial opinion, full opportunity must be given for dissenting replies or opinions with equal space and display, as determined by the editor.

D.  Consult with the Editorial Board to determine general editorial policy (as distinct from opinion articles that represent the points of view of specific writers). The approval of a simple majority of the Editorial Board is required before the publication of specific editorials. Ensure that all editorial direction is guided by the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

E.    Maintain an open mind and be accessible toward all elements of the University community, while
realizing that students constitute its largest element. In so doing, the editor shall personally, or through delegated staff members, maintain reasonable access for individuals and campus groups wishing to meet with the editor.

F.     With regard to personnel issues, the Editor-in-Chief will:

1.     In consultation with the Student Media Advisor, appoint members of the staff actively recruit, train
and supervise staff.

2.     Exercise leadership that establishes and maintains an effective and productive managerial and
editorial relationship with members of the staff.  By personal example, encourage similar relationships between editors and the staff members they supervise.

3.     Provide leadership aimed at assuring optimum learning, including enhancing the journalistic skills of staff members. 

4.     Foster amicable and productive relationships with various departments, student groups and other
stakeholders in the University community.

5.     Represent The Beacon as a non-voting member of the PACSM. Upon request of the PACSM, prepare a one-page summary of accomplishments, challenges and feedback related to The Beacon to date.

6.     Maintain an effective working relationship with the Student Media Advisor in his or her role as a
resource and as a representative of the University. To accomplish this, the Editor in Chief will initiate weekly *conferences with the Student Media Advisor.

7.     Conduct ongoing evaluations of the performance and product of staff members with weekly oral
and written updates to the Student Media Advisor, and through periodic conferences with individual staff members.

8.     Follow the “Personnel Guidelines for Student Media” found in the Student Media Guide in all matters dealing
with the publication staff.

G.   Assessment:

1.     Lead planning and critique meetings with the entire editorial staff twice per week while school is in session and separate meetings with the editorial board once a week.

2.     When such help can improve the quality of the reporting and writing of The Beacon, direct individual staff members to seek out the Student Media Advisor for individual coaching.  

3.     Write (before concluding his or her term) an evaluation of the year that includes a brief critique, lessons learned, problem areas, suggestions for changes, etc. The editor also will be expected to train his or her successor once that person has been selected.

4.     Ensure job descriptions for each position within the organization are updated in a timely manner within the appropriate student media section(s) on

5.     Attend and actively participate in all budget planning meetings, Ed Board meetings and critique meetings. Prior to attending the critique meetings, must read that week’s publication. Absences must be cleared in advance through the editor and Student Media Advisor.

6.     Assume the duties of the Editor in Chief when requested to do so.

7.     Report and write stories as needed.

Selection process for Editor-in-Chief:

UP's Presidential Advisory Committee on Student Media, a group of faculty, staff and students appointed by the University president, interviews the candidates and makes recommendations to the President, who then appoints the Editor-in-Chief for the following academic year.

The Editor-in-Chief interviews, evaluates and selects all other Beacon staff members in consultation with the Beacon adviser. Most hiring occurs during the spring semester, although there is some throughout the year.

If you have questions about applying, please contact Ass't Director for Student Media Nancy Copic via email.

Fill out my online form.