Editor-in-Chief Application

The Beacon is taking applications for Editor-in-Chief for the 2016-17 academic year

Annual Stipend: $6000

Application due date: Jan 31, 2017

Finalists will be interviewed by members of the Presidential Advisory Committee of Student Media in February. Time and place TBA

This student:

  • is charismatic, articulate, insatiably curious, intelligent, creative, ethical, empathic, dependable and driven
  • is a good listener, thinker, writer and speaker
  • is nimble. Knows that life is not like an academic syllabus . When “stuff” happens, he/she can roll with it in a professionally responsive rather than reactive way.
  • is a leader who ably represents The Beacon not just to Beacon staff but to the entire University community and beyond
  • inspires intrinsic motivation in peers
  • is able to enforce disciplinary procedures when a Beacon staffer does not fulfill responsibilities
  • knows how to make a good story great
  • knows how to make a staff meeting productive and collaborative, making staffers feel invested in the process and motivated to challenge themselves.
  • understands and prioritizes the importance of visuals, including photography, video, and infographics
  • has a vision for making the Beacon’s website, mobile app and social media among the top respected college media platforms in the U.S.


  • Is responsible for managing and overseeing Beacon staff content, production of The Beacon website, its mobile app and social media platforms during the academic year.
  • Practices and models sound judgment, fairness and accuracy as outlined by the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, leading staff in best journalistic practices and ethics.
  • Continually monitors Beacon content for accuracy and fairness and ensures corrections and clarifications are posted in timely manner.
  • Plans and executes strategies for recruiting and hiring top level students
  • Consults with editorial board and adviser to determine and enforce general editorial policies
  • Maintains an open mind and is accessible to all elements of UP community, realizing that the students constitute its largest element
  • Maintains clear communication with the adviser, the editorial board and Beacon staff
  • Manages all student staff in consultation with the adviser, initiates team-building activities and nurtures productive relationships.
  • Collaborates with news editor and adviser to assign beat coverage to staff
  • Develops and executes digital-and-mobile-first and social media strategies to guide staff to up-to-date coverage
  • Leads staff meetings including a weekly editorial board meeting
  • Collaborates with adviser on staff training in August and critiques throughout the year
  • Meets with administrators, faculty, students, staff and others in University community as needed to address concerns
  • Writes occasional articles and commentary
  • May be required to read or watch training material as directed by adviser
  • Uses social media to promote The Beacon, post story links and crowd source
  • On a daily basis, reads, watches and listens to a variety of professional news platforms to keep up-to-date on local, national and international news
  • Maintains a professional social media presence on personal accounts and works with Community Engagement Editor to ensure Beacon social media is strategic, professional and follows journalism ethics
  • Understands the mission of the University of Portland and The Beacon’s role in providing a platform of free and responsible dialogue
  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA

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