STAFF OPINION: Costco: The best store for everyone

By Gavin Britton | September 19, 2023 11:30am

Photo courtesy of Gavin Britton.

In today's bustling world, where choices are endless and time is of the essence, finding the perfect store can be a game changer. With so many options, it can be hard to find just one store to shop at. That is where Costco shines. This warehouse giant has earned a reputation as the go-to destination for everything. It is the perfect place for shoppers seeking affordability, convenience and an unmatched shopping experience.

Photo courtesy of Gavin Britton.

Costco's sheer affordability is truly unparalleled. The store's bulk-buying model allows customers to access products at prices that often seem too good to be true. For college students like myself, this is one of the benefits to shopping at Costco. One of my favorite things to get at Costco are protein bars. They are very expensive if you decide to purchase them individually from stores like Safeway or Trader Joe's. On top of that Costco offers such a wide variety of goods. From pantry staples like rice, pasta and canned goods to everyday essentials such as toiletries, cleaning supplies and even clothing, the discounts at Costco make it easy to buy what you like for a great price. This allows young adults to make their limited resources stretch further.

Some people may argue that because of the bulk-buying nature of Costco, it is impractical for young adults to consider shopping there. While there is a bit of truth in that idea, the benefits of buying in bulk are far better. By buying larger quantities of certain items, it ensures that you only have to go grocery shopping once or twice a month. This is much more manageable for the average adult.

An additional benefit to shopping at Costco is the price-saving aspect of the store. They don’t waste money or labor on displaying products and often just have all of the products displayed as if it were a warehouse. This makes it very easy to navigate the store and find what you need.

For people like myself who are consistent eaters, it is especially easy to find a few items you like for each meal and buy those. I consistently spend less than $150 each month on groceries because I shop at Costco. 

Another unique aspect of Costco that sets it apart from the competition is the fact that they offer sampling. Walking through the store, shoppers are presented with the option to sample lots of different food products. These range from a new type of bread to trying a new ice cream being offered. By implementing sampling, Costco allows customers to make informed purchasing decisions and try new foods without buying the bigger sized options offered there. This is especially beneficial to young adults who, often experimenting with their culinary preferences, can explore new flavors without committing to large quantities.

Photo courtesy of Gavin Britton.

Costco's only real downside is their membership fee. If you want to shop at Costco you must have a membership which costs $60. For many young adults that seems like a very expensive fee just to shop at a particular store. But Costco has deals that extend beyond just groceries. They offer a diverse range of products catering to almost every aspect of life. From electronics like laptops and headphones to home essentials, even great deals on gas, Costco provides shoppers with all they need under one roof. The availability of these items saves students valuable time and eliminates the need to visit multiple stores.

Furthermore, Costco's spacious layout and the option to shop online provides flexibility that fits seamlessly into the busy lives of students. A shopper can visit the store in person to stock up on groceries and then conveniently order larger items online, which are delivered right to their doorstep. This combination of in-store convenience and online accessibility makes Costco an integral part of a young adult's life.

In a day and age where convenience and value are highly sought after, Costco is the clear frontrunner among the numerous grocery stores. Its affordability, sampling experience, and wide array of offerings make it an ideal choice for individuals of all walks of life, including young adults. Costco isn't just a grocery store – it's a shopping experience that caters to the needs of its diverse clientele, ensuring that shopping isn’t just a chore, but it is something to look forward to.

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