The Beacon’s Guide to celebrating Palentines

Fun and easy activities to show your friends just how much you love them

By Janea Melido | February 12, 2023 12:00pm
Palentine’s is a holiday that coincides with Valentine’s Day to celebrate friends.
Media Credit: Natalie Gordon / The Beacon

With Feb. 14 just around the corner, love is in the air. While Valentine's Day is typically used to celebrate one’s significant other, nothing screams love harder than the relationships you share with your best pals. 

Your friends deserve love too, so here is a list of ways to celebrate the people in your life. 

Themed brunch 

Red, pink and white.  All colors embodying everything that Valentine’s day stands for. Deck out your kitchen with streamers, hearts and balloons. Whip up a charcuterie board for a variety of tastes and flavors. 

Desserts can range from heart shaped cookies to fancy macarons. Regardless, make sure to add something a little sweet for all the sweet people in your life. 

Before you keep reading, don’t forget beverages! While anything can suffice, themed drinks are always fun. Here’s an article for themed mocktails and cocktails.

Easy gifts 

Let’s be real. We’re college students, so as much as we would like to, it’s not reasonable to splurge on expensive gifts for our best pals. Thankfully, easy and affordable gifts are just enough to show our love and appreciation.

We all remember those candy grams we would pass out to our classmates in elementary school. While those remain cute and thoughtful to this day, utilizing Canva to create personalized candy grams will make them so much more meaningful. To make it easier, just use a template and customize it with a personal message. Also, don’t forget to use the colored printer in the library to really make your grams pop.

Roses are red, pilots are purple, poems are great, so it’s time to whip out that journal. Nothing screams love more than a handwritten poem — or maybe, not handwritten. Canva works for this gift too. A personalized poem can be lovey-dovey, silly or all of the above. As long as it comes from the heart, it’s guaranteed your pals will keep this one forever. 

Movie Night 

“50 first dates,” “How To Be Single” or even “Mean Girls.” Regardless of what movie you and your pals want to watch, don’t forget to cozy up with blankets, a hot drink and light some candles to create a loving atmosphere. 

A PNI (pals night in) is the perfect way to end a day of celebrating friends. Matching pajamas, a movie marathon and endless snacks is a recipe for a night filled with fun and laughter. 

Janea Melido is Copy Editor for The Beacon. She can be reached at