New year, new UP

The Beacon staff predicts what 2023 holds for our campus

By The Beacon | February 2, 2023 11:30am
The Beacon staff predicts what UP will look like in 2023.
Media Credit: Emma Sells / The Beacon

From the loss of $13.4 million to the gain of the new Diversity Center, the University of Portland has seen a lot of changes in the past year. What does 2023 hold for UP? Here are predictions from The Beacon staff:

The student body will want to get more involved in student government after reading our editorial coming out on Feb. 23 for Student Press Freedom day. Editorials offer a time to reflect back on what’s going on around campus. If you aren’t satisfied with your connection or representation at the school, advocate for yourself and talk to the people who know how to help. 

– Brie Haro, Editor-In-Chief

A dive into the University museum and archives will lead to the discovery that English Chair Joshua  Swidzinski is immortal and has been teaching English at UP under different names since the dawn of time. 

– Kate Cuadrado, News & Managing Editor

Due to the cold weather, Shipstad Hall pipes will burst, once again flooding the basement. Because of student complaints about no pool on campus, UP will decide to leave the flood water in the basement and Shipstad will become a makeshift rec pool.

– Lulu Heffernan, Living Section Editor 

The women’s basketball team will win the WCC conference. They are currently in second place this year so placing first next year isn’t too crazy. 

– Wilder Isom, Sports Editor

Clark Library will turn the old digital lab into a new study lounge, complete with comfy couches, a coffee bar and translucent windows so it doesn’t feel like we’re sitting in a human-sized fish bowl. 

– Emma Sells, Multimedia Editor

UP will not resort to Zoom lectures again for students if we get any inclement weather or power outages.

– Michael Lang, Opinion Editor

CPB’s Rock the Bluff artists this spring will be TLC, WILLIS and Bryce Vine.

– Janea Melido, Copy Editor

Pilot House will finally bring back açaí bowls for breakfast. The population of students that remember the pre-pandemic Pilot House favorites are dwindling, but the açaí bowl was a staple in my freshmen year diet. With campus food looking up this semester, 2023 should see the return of the long-lost breakfast item.

– Chiara Profenna, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Editor

Malika Andrews will speak at the 2023 Commencement Ceremony. I think this is me just wanting to hear what Malika would say about the school now that she’s famous, but I’ve been hearing they got someone big to speak at this year's graduation. 

– Kimberly Cortez, Community Engagement Editor

Bon App will start taking student recipe suggestions in 2023. It’s tough for only a few chefs to come up with new/interesting recipes all year long; student input will surely be welcome. 

– Riley Martinez, Photographer

St. Mary’s Hall will be decommissioned. Our beloved and old building has a ton of problems that constantly need to be addressed — wasps terrorize student journalists in the newsroom and the building gets unbearably hot during the summer. It’s time for us to send the building into that goodnight and replace it with something better.

– Carlos Moreno-Vega, Reporter

The Lund Family Hall annex production will finally begin and wait times will go down at Commons and Pilot House and everyone will be happy!

– Netty Jurriaans, Reporter

The cold weather is to stay and UP students will not be hanging up their winter clothes any time soon. 

– Sydney Gannon, Reporter

Bon App will respond to complaints about long wait times by implementing an online food ordering system in Pilot House and the Commons. 

– Gavin Britton, Photographer 

Villa Maria Hall will beat Christie Hall in the annual soccer derby held on Merlo Field this spring. 

– Aidan Hyde, Reporter

Having achieved the US News & World ranking of #1 in the category of Regional Universities West, UP will cease participation in the rankings. This will forever solidify the claim that their latest ranking was being #1. 

– Noah Carandanis, Reporter

After the transportation surveys earlier this year, UP will invest in better parking or maybe offer students discounted hop passes for TriMet. There’s definitely going to be some major improvements coming up, but the question is ‘what will they be?’ It seems like they’re up to something behind the scene — teleportation isn’t too far off.

– Maria Wanzek, Reporter 

UP will have more students from different economic backgrounds increasing diversity not just in terms of ethnicity but also social and class ranking. 

– Alexly Campos-Martinez, Photographer 

Students come together to request food delivery robots on campus ... they’re cute. I rest my case. 

– Natalie Gordon, Photographer 

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