Feeling the intensity of Scorpio season yet?

Want to know how Scorpio season will affect your astrological sign? Read for more information.

By Kimberly Cortez | November 16, 2022 5:33pm
by Kimberly Cortez / The Beacon

The sun has shifted from the balanced Libra into a new sign this month. As we ushered in the rainy Portland weather, on Oct. 23 the Sun officially moved into the sign of Scorpio — a sign known for its intensity, perceptiveness and a quiet assurance of power.

Since then, there have been significant astrological events that have caused many of us to feel the brunt of this intensity. This includes: Saturn stations directly in Aquarius Oct. 22, a partial solar eclipse on Oct. 25 in Scorpio and another partial solar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8. 

This time will have us looking beneath the surface and really analyzing the complexities of life, including finances, relationships, career and everything in between. Emerging from the shadows, there is something mysterious and deeply intuitive coming forward during this time.

Below is a short description of how Scorpio season will affect your sign placement. If you want to know what your sign is or more about your astrological birth chart, you can click here


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Aries, this month you will be tapping into the bonds you have in your life. You will need to dig deeper and really sink into those relationships you have established. You will be releasing something this month, but this will ultimately lead you to your intended path. You’ll be welcoming abundance in your life, but be wary of this energy. You may have some trouble with a particular relationship in your life, specifically someone who may be asking for more than what you are actually willing to give. It is important to listen and take time to deal with this humanly and not hot headedly. 

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Taurus, you have been feeling the intensity of the astrological events this month. As a fixed sign, you may be feeling this intensity in different aspects of your life. You may have been feeling some inner conflict or conflict elsewhere in your life, specifically in your career and relationships. This time is making you dig deep and align yourself to your honest truth. Lean into your support systems so you are able to fully explore these parts of yourself. It’s the best time to put yourself out there. 

The Beacon Tauruses: Emma Sells, Colby Wilson, Wilder Isom, Sophia Truempi, Sydney Gannon 


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Gemini, you are getting closer to discovering your true calling this month. If not, you are starting to see what is or is not working for you in your life. You are going to start to enhance your mindset this month and are on a path of discovery. To do this, you need to start doing the work and tackling the projects you may have been putting off. Make sure you don’t lean into unhealthy and unproductive lifestyle choices during this busy time.

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Cancer, you are questioning many different aspects of your life. From career to social life, many things are up in the air for you. However, this is ultimately a good thing. You are finally coming out of your shell a bit more this month and being more yourself which is something you’ve been missing in your life. You may even feel some more confidence or newfound extrovertness. For some, this can come out in the form of new creative endeavors. Use this energy to your advantage. 

The Beacon Cancers: Brie Haro, Ellie Black, Nancy Copic (Advisor)


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Leo, this time will have you ushering in some reinvention. Use this intense energy in Scorpio to your advantage by digging deep in the past and reflecting. It may feel useless at first, but you’ll ultimately be grateful for this moment to think. You are spending more time at home this month and focusing on how you can improve your interaction with your family and friends. Try and take it easy this month before Sagittarius season approaches. Sagittarius season will have you feeling more emotions then compared to now. 

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Virgo, you will be more truthful and real in your interactions this month. Try making more time for yourself so you can be more present in your interactions with friends or those in your inner circle. By being more real in those moments, you’ll feel more satisfied in your relationships. This may mean that you need to start or think about having some important conversations with certain people in your life. You have real power with your words this month, so be careful with what you say.

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Libra, as we leave your sign it's important to feel grounded in this next chapter of your life. The focus was on you last month but now that you are not in the limelight as much, take this time to reflect and transform. For many of you, this transformation seems to be happening with your financial situation. You may be improving your financial situation for the better. To do this you may need to think about your priorities and invest in things worthwhile. Make sure you aren’t spending based on your emotions.

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Scorpio, Happy Birthday! It's your time to shine. You will also be feeling the brunt of the astrological events this month, as you are a fixed sign. However, you’ll be making critical choices for your foreseen future. It’s a time to re-shift your goals and evaluate what you really want in life. If you don’t know where to start, try making new moves and trying new things. You’ll find this helpful in making decisions. 

The Beacon Scorpios: Chiara Profenna 


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Sagittarius, you may be feeling lonely this month. You need to hit pause and really reflect before the Sun enters your sign. This time calls for a bit of solitude and builds off the reflective energy you acquired in Libra season. Listen to what you are saying to yourself, as this will help as we approach your sign. You seem to still be on this journey of self-discovery, so make sure you are relaxing during all of this.

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Capricorn, you may be feeling a bit antisocial or just not up for social events. However when you aren’t in this funk, you’ll find that you are going to be making new friends and are the life of the party. Either way, evaluate this mood shift and think about why you may not want to be participating. Embrace either the homebody mentality or the party goer lifestyle. This will help you understand yourself better during this time. 

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Aquarius, how are you holding up? Along with the other fixed signs, you have been feeling the effects of the recent astrological events, specifically eclipse season. You are really evaluating your life right now. This time will be big for your career. You are making big steps in this area of your life. The spotlight is on you work wise. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded, but if you act messy and can’t act on your responsibilities, you may be messing up your chances at an important opportunity. Now is the time to be authentic and reflect about what is working for you or how to be true to yourself.

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Pisces, you are focusing on the deeper parts of life. Last month, you really had to think about yourself and that has led you on a journey of self-discovery. Now you’ll be discovering the bigger parts of life like what your calling is. You are still learning to grow and be on this journey, so be okay with trying new things or discovering the unknown. Try and learn something new everyday, it’ll bring you closer to the bigger parts of life. 

The Beacon Pisces: Charlie Rogers

Kimberly Cortez is the Community Engagement Editor for The Beacon. She can be reached at cortez25@up.edu.