Get ready, it’s Libra season

Want to know how Libra Season will affect your astrological sign? Read below to find out more.

By Kimberly Cortez | September 23, 2022 11:27am

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As the air starts to get chillier and the leaves start to turn orange, we are quickly reminded that summer is officially coming to an end. There is no better reminder of the changing seasons than the sun entering a new astrological sign. 

On Sept. 23, the same day as the Fall Equinox, we officially enter a new chapter in our lives with the start of autumn and Libra season. 

Libra, represented by the scales, will have us all re-evaluating what balance and harmony means in our day to day life. With Mercury still in retrograde until Oct. 2, difficulties with communication and boundaries, especially with friends and significant others, may arise. Be cautious of this, but be open to new beginnings. Libra marks the halfway point in our astrological year, so it is a good time to reflect on what is and isn’t working in your life. 

Below is a short description of how Libra season will affect your sign placement. If you want to know what your sign is or more about your astrological birth chart, you can click here


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Aries, now is your time to rest and recharge which is contrary to your fast pace energy. You’ve been on the go, but burnout can be common. As we approach Mars going into Retrograde, it can be easy to over-book your calendar so be wary of this. It is important to take time for yourself and recharge. Start living more authentically to who you are and not necessarily what's best for others. This time may also have you learning more about people in your life, perhaps a significant other, but don’t make any rash decisions when you discover new things about them. 

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Taurus, this is a chance to get organized. Start planning your day out more and getting into a routine. Take the time to really smooth all the bumps in the road. You may be feeling like you are taking too much on right now. Know you are worthy of help and taking care of yourself. If you find yourself to be in a slump on how to approach your life, take time to reflect on what makes you happy in your day to day life. What do you want to get out of your goals? This will give you the boost of productivity you've been needing. 

The Beacon Tauruses: Emma Sells, Colby Wilson, Wilder Isom, Sophia Truempi, Sydney Gannon 


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Gemini, you will have a revelation this month on what is important in your life. It could be that you are opening yourself up more to friends or a partner. Either way you are opening yourself up to a new way of life. It possibly could be a healing time for you. Listen to your intuition more. You may have to make big decisions, so it is important to listen to your body and mind. 

The Beacon Geminis: Riley Martinez, Gavin Britton


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Cancer, your living space may need some revamping. Create a space where you feel safe and calm. It is important for you right now to recharge and gain energy to do the projects you want to do, so take time to throw out the stuff that isn’t serving you anymore. This time may lend itself to difficult family matters. It is important to lean on your family and loved ones. This difficult time is offering you a new perspective on life. Ultimately you will gain a lot out of this situation. Be careful with communication. Your words may come off too harsh or you may be on the receiving end and feel extra sensitive   

The Beacon Cancers: Brie Haro, Ellie Black, Nancy Copic (Advisor)


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Leo, the Libra energy that is in the air will have you focusing a lot on your relationships. You are trying to choose who you want to surround yourself with and honing in on who is or isn’t serving you purpose in life. This may lend itself to learning a lot about your communication style and how to get your point across effectively and efficiently. Sometime this month, you may be presented with contracts or something that will have you look at the fine line, take your time in any endeavor you are doing right now.

The Beacon Leos: Shruthi Vijukumar


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Virgo, we just moved out of your sun sign, so things may appear to be a bit clearer than they were previously. Things you put on the back burner or perhaps blind spots in your life may be coming to light now. You are going to have to reflect, especially when it comes to your inner-self. You are always critical of yourself, so try to approach your self-reflection with a bit more compassion. You may have some money coming in or your financial situation may become more stable, it’s a good time to budget or invest. Don't be hasty in spending lavishly, but also treat yourself if you need it. You may also find yourself having uncomfortable conversations with someone or needing to set up more boundaries. If you find yourself burdening someone, it is time to step up and take accountability. Change is welcome during this time.

The Beacon Virgos: Michael Lang


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Libra, Happy Birthday! Having the sun in your sign will always illuminate your inner-self and will help you reach your fullest potential. You may have wrapped up some loose ends these past couple weeks and now you are fully ready to take on a journey of self-discovery and changing things to better yourself. You will be reflecting a lot on the past, mainly about how you've changed and how you are currently changing as a person. It is a good time to try new things or find joy in the things in your life that have kept you happy and grounded. Follow the creative and inspiring spirit that fills the air for you.

The Beacon Libras: Kate Cuadrado, Lulu Heffernan, Janea Melido, Carlos Moreno-Vega


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Scorpio, your life has been hectic or is busy right now. As the sun is approaching your sign, it may feel like everything is hitting you all at once. You’ve been occupied for the last few months, very on the go. It’s time to take a step back and think about the things you need to change in your life. This may be something as small as a bad habit or something more internal. If things are feeling incomplete, it’s okay. Be grounded in the fact that this is all a part of your journey to becoming a better you. 

The Beacon Scorpios: Chiara Profenna 


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Sagittarius, you are heavily assessing your life goals and projects right now. You are almost at the end of this marathon you’ve been on, but don’t feel the need to put unwanted pressure and stress to reach the finish line. Libra season may have you pushing yourself harder, but don’t forget to have fun. This is what will inspire you to keep working on your endeavors. You have lots of room for growth during this time, especially when it comes to communication which may present some difficulties with mercury in retrograde. However, you are finding it healing and fun to spend time with friends during this time. 

The Beacon Sagittariuses: Tiffany Marquez-Escobar


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Capricorn, you may have a spotlight on you during this time. It may be a leadership position or something that is forcing you to take up more responsibilities. Work on setting up boundaries with yourself and others as you are launched in this new direction of life. You may find yourself wanting to exercise control, but be hesitant in doing so. You don’t want to be stuck in the past and over controlling the situation may limit your growth. Catch your breath and focus on not letting your emotions get in the way.

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Aquarius, Libra season may have you daydreaming a lot, possibly fantasizing about new beginnings or a new life. If so, maybe it’s a sign that you need to step out of your comfort zone. You are a big thinker, and now is not the time to put yourself in a box. Take these dreams as a clue on what kind of energies and situations you want for your future. Emotions may be bubbling up, especially when it comes to relationships. You will ultimately find balance in these situations. 

The Beacon Aquarians: Kimberly Cortez


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Pisces, you may find yourself wanting to be more of a homebody or be secluded from others during this time. This may stem from a want to get to know yourself better or answer some sort of looming question. However, don’t be afraid to lean into your inner circle. They are here to support you. You may want to seek guidance, possibly therapy, to help you get clarity on any deep thoughts you’ve been having. It is helpful to make your space more comforting and home-like. 

The Beacon Pisces: Charlie Rogers

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