Ukraine: What can we actually do to help?

By Austin Thompson | March 23, 2022 1:32pm
by Ryan Reynolds / The Beacon

The conflict in Ukraine continues to worsen and the amount of displaced Ukrainian civilians grows by the day. 

As students continue to follow the war on social media and in their classrooms, it’s easy to feel helpless. For those who want to get involved, here is a list of organizations and ways students can support Ukraine. Links to donate can be found on their websites. 

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) 

The MSF recently increased its operations within Ukraine and neighboring countries to support refugees. MSF works with local health care professionals, organizations, volunteers, and authorities to promote health and safety. 

International Committee of the Red Cross 

Based out of Switzerland, the Red Cross is working closely with Ukraine to increase emergency assistance such as food, water and other essential items. The Red Cross also provides medical equipment and services to families affected by the war. 

Voices of Children 

This Ukrainian based charity group provides psychological support to children who have been harmed by the conflict. According to their website, the group provides emergency psychological assistance and is actively helping in evacuation processes. 

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) 

The UN Refugee agency provides humanitarian aid to individuals affected by war and conflict. In Ukraine, the organization is providing emergency funding to families and opportunities for resettlement in the US. 


Since the beginning of the conflict, UNICEF has been working to deliver life saving programs for children and families affected by the invasion. 

Local T-Shirts to Support Project Hope 

Pouya Ahmadi, a local attorney, has partnered with Portland Ink to sell t-shirts to support Ukrainians. All net proceeds from sales will support Project Hope, a group shipping essential medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Bible Church 

The local Ukrainian Bible Church is partnering with Ukrainian churches to provide food, shelter, and hygiene products to the women, children, and families fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. The church is accepting donations online

Support Local Businesses 

Eater PDX has created a list of Portland bars, restaurants and breweries that are raising money to help Ukrainians in need. 

Austin Thompson is a reporter with the Beacon. He can be reached at