OPINION: GWS Faculty Stand in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

By GWS Faculty | June 28, 2020 8:01pm

Image courtesy of the Gender and Women's Studies Advisory Committee. Canva courtesy of Gabi DiPaulo.

Dear Members of the UP Community,

Let us begin by saying loudly and clearly: Black Lives Matter.

We stand in solidarity with the movement for racial justice.

We mourn the lives lost at the hands of systemic racism.

We Say Their Names.

We will not be silent.

The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade, and the continued violence and hatred against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in the United States and around the world make us reexamine and reflect (again and again!) on our own role in the systems and structures that lead to and perpetuate this violence and hatred.

Perhaps like you, our emotions and thoughts during these past weeks have ranged from anger, fear, and sadness to despair. And yet we must fight. We must not be silent. We must embrace hope that is grounded in action.

So, today and always, we stand in solidarity with the movement for racial justice.

Inspired by our anti-racist, feminist values, we commit ourselves to fighting for racial justice; to caring for those who are affected by violence and hatred caused by racism (in mind, body, or spirit); to protecting BIPOC at UP, in Portland, wherever we are; and to creating a more just world.

However you choose to act, we encourage you to do so with care for yourself and others.

Here we have collected resources to use in interrogating our own roles within systems and structures of hatred and violence. We invite you to join us in this effort and to bring other resources to our attention, as we seek to understand how we got here and how we can move forward.

No justice, no peace.

In solidarity,

The Gender and Women's Studies Advisory Committee

Dr. Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi

Dr. Alexandra M. Hill

Dr. Christin L. Hancock

Dr. Sarina R. Saturn

Dr. Lara Trout

Dr. Jeff Gauthier

Dr. Giannina Reyes-Giardiello

Dr. Maria Echenique

Dr. Vail Fletcher

This letter was also signed by:

Dr. Alice Gates, Social Work

Molly Cullen

Tara Prestholdt

Dr. Priya Mani, Faculty

Autumn Fluetsch ‘20

Abby Van Vleet

Delaney Vetter, UP '20

Kate Rohl, staff and student

Jesse Persing

Jacob Ortiz (student)

Debra Stephens

Claire Costin, PhD, CPA (Faculty)

Grant Sippel, Alumni

Kate Harder, student

Laura McLary

Courtney Campbell, First Year Programs, Shepard Academic Resource Center

Raphaelle Leblanc, student & student athlete

Kira Pierce

Nick McRee, Professor, Dept. of Sociology and Social Work

Dr. Lars Erik Larson, faculty

Kate Harder, student

Dr. Dave Houglum, Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation

Hunter Coward, Shepard Academic Resource Center

Brenagh Sanford, Staff

Dr. Karen Eifler

Bonnie Parks, faculty

Kathryn Lampe (student)

Jen Lovejoy, faculty

Alex Robbins (UP Registrar's Office)

Jon Down

Lily Esch - student

Brittany R. Linville Graduation Coordinator at UP

Raphaelle Leblanc, student & student athlete

Christopher Wiley

Montana Hisel-Cochran, Instructor, Pamplin School of Business

Jennifer Lawson, UP employee

Dr. Lauren Alfrey, Assistant Professor, UP

Ezequiel Delgado-Cervantes, Staff

Jeff Brown

Andrew Keippela - Associate Athletic Director for Development

Diane Sotak, Librarian

Yuri Hernández Osorio, Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Ellen Macomson, Athletics

Kira Pierce

Elli Reed

Theresa McCreary Campus Ministry & Moreau Center for Service & Justice

Dr. John Orr

Jason Brough

Genevieve Brassard

Michael Wode

James Jurinski, Professor PSOB

Dr. Craig A. Swinyard

Martin Williams

Nolan Lease

Sam Barrett

Elisabeth Davies

Mia C. Aguilar, Communication and Sociology ‘23

Kiara Cruz

Jack Mullaney

Lauren Carlos

Justice Magraw - UP Volleyball Assistant Coach

Maureen Briare, faculty

Salvador Orara

Jazmin Moreno

Susan Murray, Biology faculty

Dr. Christie Engesser Cesar

Dr. Lauren Alfrey, Assistant Professor, UP

Ryan Kenton

Sammie Van Norstrand, Student

Anthony Embry (Staff)

Brian Dezzani, Director of Recreational Services

Cara Hersh (faculty)

Gary Lee Malecha

Harper Cook

Sophie Charles, staff

Amber Lefstead, UP Staff - Moreau Center for Service & Justice

Dr. David De Lyser, UP Faculty

Tyler Wagner, Moreau Center for Service and Justice

Calley Kerwin Estocapio

Anne Pitsch Santiago

Alexa Dare, Communication

Kaylie Haas, UP alum

David Taylor

Sophia Kerr-Davis

Suzie Wyss, Staff

Robert A. Zipp - Staff

Carolina Cortes, UP ‘21

Julia Oksana Goldman

Phoebe Anderson

Benjamin Kahn - Staff

Lawrence Wiggins

Elise Sunderland, class of 2017

Christina Buselli/ Student

Michelle Sunderland, UP Staff, UP Parent of Alumnae

Siena Henson

Brenna Schumacher

Sheila Smith - Staff

Amy Norton - Information Services Staff

Jacob Caniparoli '14 - Staff

Dawn Lloyd, IS-ATSI

Brian Flynn - Staff

Trudi Timperman

Alauno Porter

Jamie Merritt, Staff

Gabriel Kraemer

Mary Virnig

Mark Kennedy, Faculty

Hannah Harrison

Ruby Lindgren

Faculty in Engineering

Paul Le Clercq, Staff

Niki Schulz, faculty

Kaylan Tate/Student

Dr. Jordyn Wolfand, Faculty

Elisha Faagai

Lisa J. Reed, J.D.

Lisel Stancil, Staff

Elise Sunderland, class of 2017

Lindsay C. Chelton, Shiley School Staff

Yollixpa Rios Martinez/Admissions Counselor

Sigma Delta Pi

Belle Murphy, student

Emma Wells, student

Dr. David M. Lamme

Dr. Aaron Moss (Assistant Professor, Shiley School of Engineering)

Lauren M Cline

Katie Wojda (student)

Emily Hosoume

Justice Magraw - UP Volleyball Assistant Coach

Karina Handeland

Natalie Nelson-Marsh

Kaylan Tate/Student

Kiara Cruz


Lindsey Garcia

Joseph Hoffbeck, Faculty

Kathleen Staten

Sona Uradnik, Alumnus

Perry Sunderland, UP Parent of Elise '17, Emily '20

Joey Houck - Infrastructure Manager

Traci Schick, Faculty

Mirza Gurda

Yeudith Valdovinos student

Barbara Bloom-Groshong, Instructor

Cora Hyatt (student)

Grace Fortson

Peter Mohammadi

Aislinn Hill, Moreau Center Service & Justice Coordinator

Christine Pratt - Student

Barbara Bloom-Groshong, Instructor

Megan Murphy, alumni

Ankit Madhira

Emily May

Will Mulligan

Ben Zemanski - Men's Soccer

Olivia Nomura / Student

Bao Huynh

Peyton Hockett

Dr. Tammy VanDeGrift, Shiley School

Glenna Andrews/Athletics, Staff

Lauren M Cline

Daman Oberoi, Computer Science Instructor

Thayne Covert

Noel Kildiszew, Office of Admissions

La Mesa Redonda

Jackie Greulich/Staff

Samantha Shoemaker

Casandra (Cassy) Esparza / UP Staff - Admissions

Jordyn Mayer, Student

Christopher Lee, Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics

Carolyn James, Mathematics

Dr. Gregory Hill

Dr. Valerie Peterson, faculty (Mathematics)

Dr. Christine Weilhoefer - Faculty Biology & Environmental Studies

Dr. Elise M. Moentmann

Laura Kathryn Smith -Accessible Education Services (SARC)

Andre Jaurigui

Elise Sunderland, class of 2017

Todd Basil, student

Christine Pratt - Student

Daniel Lagunas Student

Nicole Panowicz, student

Dr. Chris Hallstrom

Madison Bible

Matthew Warshawsky

Dr.Thomas Greene

Brittney K (Alumni)

Connor Farrell

Trevor Riedmann, UP student

Caroline Dockerty

Dr. Jen Symons, UP Faculty

Sarah Weiger

Ruby Becker, ‘20

Jacquie Van Hoomissen, Associate Dean for Math and Science

Laurie Laird (staff)

Dr. Jakob Kotas

Karen Peters, staff

Tiana Vente

Sage Taylor, ASUP President

Dr. K. Bieryla

Allen Hansen, Pilot Space

Abbie Aspinwall

Laurie Dizney

Cecilia Lin, Faculty

Claire Mueller, Student

Hannah Highlander

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