Staff Opinion: Universities should offer “Life Skills” courses

By Jamison White | November 4, 2018 1:38pm
Jamison White thinks universities should start offering courses on the skills you will need post-grad.
Media Credit: Annika Gordon / The Beacon

For many students, life after graduation is an exciting but scary realization. Many are nervous for the day the cap goes flying in the air and our University of Portland student email addresses turn into alumni accounts. 

Because of this, universities far and wide should offer a wider array of life skills classes. These classes can range from how to fill out your annual tax return, to classes concerning how to prepare healthy and balanced meals. 

Life after graduation is scary enough without having to worry about the little things. Coming into post-graduation life with the knowledge of how to do certain tasks can help lower your stress level.

Imagine you have just graduated and are living in a new city while starting your dream job. Life is good and you are living happily, but then, at the end of the month your credit card bill comes. It is higher than you expect and you cannot figure out why.

At this moment you are most likely wishing you had a class that taught you about the dangers of using your credit card too much and how to even choose the right card for yourself in the first place. This type of class could help recent graduates be successful and get them off on the right foot.

Okay, let’s say you figure out the credit card debacle and go on to get promoted and a number of years later you are looking to buy your first house. However, this would not be possible without being smart about managing your money. And what about picking a property that will hold its value? Or picking the right mortgage? Or picking the right neighborhood?

All of these questions could be answered in a one-credit “How to plan for and pick your first house” 101. 

Life post-grad offers many wonderful things, including an abundance of freedom, but that does not make it easy. These life skills classes could offer graduates a little help in navigating their way to smart decisions and a healthy life.

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