Letter to the Editor: Prospective UP parent reacts to Wallys' emcee apology

By Julie C. Fallon | April 30, 2018 10:51pm
Julie C. Fallon. Photo courtesy of Julie C. Fallon.

As a female immigrant I find Mr Sundaram's apology weak & lacking insight! He humiliates all immigrants and females by trying to rationalize his remarks and not acknowledging that he has missed the essence of his Catholic education! Why didn’t the administrators stop him, didn’t he have his speech read in advance ? Taking him off the tennis team isn’t enough! He shouldn’t walk with his class or graduate! He hasn’t learned respect and common decency! If he thinks this is “funny” he hasn’t benefited from the hours of teaching invested in him, this is a serious character flaw!
My daughter is currently an accepted student for the fall semester, but I have encouraged her to take this incident into serious consideration.

Julie C. Fallon can be reached at Juliefallon@charter.net