Submission: For the first time (maybe ever) the ASUP Senate wants your honest opinion

By Sam Starkey | February 6, 2018 4:51pm
Photo of ASUP Junior Senator Sam Starkey. Courtesy of Sam Starkey.

ASUP Senate. 

Who is Senate? Those cloaked hooded figures that meet every so often in St. Mary’s to decide where to put a third of a million dollars? That weird group of people your club leaders must meet up with to ask for more money? 

After scrupulous research, we surmised that there are 3 potential stereotypes that the student body may know us as: 1) the polo posse that takes up your quiet St. Mary’s study space for three hours every Monday afternoon 2) the faceless bureaucratic illuminati of this humble undergraduate campus 3) We even have Senate??? Have they gotten the quesadillas back?

Considering the gravity of these typecasts, we would rather appreciate your input. Furthermore, there is incentive for you; you could win a backstage pass to Rock the Bluff, various Pilot gear, or a month supply of La Croix! With enough participation, we even promise to bring back quesadillas!*

So I call on you, beautiful University of Portland community: Tell us what you know and what you want from us. We exist to serve you; but without your assistance we may be destined to remain in the shadows as those cloaked figures that allocate your money and argue over things that don’t matter to you in the slightest. 

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: Link to the ASUP 2018 Survey.

* If anyone knows how to bring back quesadillas, please let us know (asking for a friend).

Sam Starkey is a junior political science major, minoring in psychology and environmental policy at UP. Starkey is Junior Senator for ASUP, serving on the Student Affairs and Sustainability Committee. She can be reached at