Editorial: The Beacon's opinion section wants to hear from you

By The Beacon | August 25, 2016 9:52am

During college, lots of information goes in one ear and out the other. You’re talked at instead of talked to. At The Beacon, we want to offer a place where you can actively engage in the dialogue.

This section is for you, the students and faculty of the University of Portland, to start and continue conversations.

This is the Opinion Section.

This section will tackle the controversial, the political and the existential in ways that might make you angry or might make you nod in agreement. Our hope is that whether or not what is published in this section rings true to you, it will make you think about and broaden your understanding of issues on campus, and help you formulate your own opinions.

This is not the tab you venture to if you want unbiased news reporting. Instead, it features thoughts from the University of Portland community on everything from politics to mental health to events on campus that are based in and backed up with facts.

And The Beacon wants to hear your opinions.

The weekly editorial, written by opinion editor Olivia Sanchez, will give the perspective of the Beacon’s editorial board on a variety of issues. Sometimes The Beacon’s reporters will act as opinions columnists, sharing their thoughts. But for the rest of the section, we want your input. Guest columns and letters to the Editor are welcome. This is your opportunity to share your thoughts on a campus-wide platform.

The views in this section don’t necessarily reflect the University’s values or even The Beacon’s mission: to keep the UP community informed about the goings-on of campus and fully engaged in the college experience.

The views in this section reflect what each of you think and feel.

The Opinion Section of The Beacon exists to encourage your involvement in the UP community and to exercise our right to have free and responsible dialogue. After all, a robust, open and civil exchange of diverse ideas should be the foundation of any educational institution.