Army ROTC celebrates 20 years at UP

By Brooke Stark | April 20, 2016 11:28pm

On April 1, the Army ROTC program hosted their annual Dining Out at the Portland Airport Sheraton Hotel. Traditionally this event commemorates the 2015-2016 academic year full of success by recognizing outstanding cadets and graduating seniors.  Additionally, it is also time to bring cadets and their support systems, family, friends and significant others, together for a night of formal military tradition. This year was a bit more special as it occurred on the 20th Anniversary of the University of Portland as a host for the Army ROTC program and furthermore marked the 100th Anniversary of Army ROTC nationwide.

The event began with a saber arch entrance by the seniors, highlighting the graduating cadets who have committed their college years to ROTC and are preparing to enter the Army in just a few short weeks. The night continued with a dinner, extensive awards ceremony, remarks from a distinguish guest speaker, cake cutting ceremonies and ended by placing the second lieutenant shoulder boards on each senior to signify their assessed Army branch, including the Nurse Corps, Engineering, Infantry and others. This year we had the privilege of hearing from the University of Portland’s Provost, Dr. Thomas Greene. He eloquently acknowledged the work ethic, character and commitment made by each ROTC cadet.

Overall, the evening was a great time to come together and appreciate the opportunity that each cadet has taken to serve their nation!