A big thank you for the memories

By The Beacon | April 13, 2016 5:30pm

By Katie Dunn |


I’ve seen a lot of changes over my four years at UP. Some of these changes I can walk by every day, like the Clark Library, the Pilot House and the Beauchamp Recreation Center. Some changes are less visible everyday, like the addition of sexual orientation to the non-discrimination policy and the increased awareness for mental health. These changes all have something in common: The Beacon has been there to document it all.

As many of you know, The Beacon is making the move to an all-digital format next year. This is an exciting move because it allows The Beacon to reach students more effectively and consistently. Breaking news doesn’t wait until Thursday and neither do we.

The Beacon is the student voice of the University of Portland. Over my four years on staff, I’ve realized just how important that fact is. The university functions because of the students, and sometimes there are things that the students want to see changed. Those changes are often voiced in The Beacon, and we understand how important The Beacon is as a platform for students. It’s hard to ignore a big picture of students protesting in the quad for equality or a headline showing the disconnect African-American students feel on campus. But headlines and pictures are no match for a story that gets read by over 1,000 students and faculty online.

While print may be going away, the digital world is growing rapidly. The Beacon is still the student voice of UP, we’re just going to be on your laptop or smartphone instead of left on a table in St. Mary’s. We’ll still be everywhere on campus. We’ll be in The Commons during breakfast, in the library, in classrooms and anywhere else the UP community goes.

I have to shift to some big thank yous. First and foremost, to our incredible adviser Nancy Copic. I have spent countless breaks between classes in your office talking about all things Beacon. I deeply appreciate your care, advice and time you graciously give to everyone on staff.

Next, to our readers. Without you we would be irrelevant. We know what students are concerned with and want to read about because our readers tell us with clicks on the website, likes on Facebook or conversations in class. Please continue telling us what needs to be reported on.

Finally, to my staff (current and former). Some of the best people I’ve met in college worked for The Beacon. And to my editors especially. We’ve spent countless hours in the newsroom, and this year has been the most entertaining of my four years on staff.

I can’t express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to serve as your editor-in-chief. I know I am leaving The Beacon in incredibly capable hands, and can’t wait to see the changes that happen at UP from now on.


Katie Dunn is a senior marketing major and editor-in-chief of The Beacon and can be reached at dunn16@up.edu.