Open letter to Bernie Sanders supporters

By The Beacon | February 3, 2016 4:21pm

Jordan Paul |


Congratulations on Iowa. No one could have seen what was going to happen Monday night, especially not given the state of the race even six months ago. Congratulations on New Hampshire as well, because it’s likely you will perform well there too, probably beating Clinton outright.

But I am thinking farther ahead than that. I’m thinking about the general election, when there is a good possibility that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President. That is where you come in.

Everywhere I look, I see Bernie supporters trashing Clinton. Some even went so far as to boo her at Sanders’ own speech in Iowa last night. It is understandable to be passionate. You should be! You should all be. What you have done in this race is nothing short of incredible. But passion does not mean hostile. And when Democrats boo other Democrats, that is hostile.

If Sanders wins the nomination, I have no doubt that Clinton supporters will come to his side in the general election. If Clinton wins the nomination, I have no such certainties about Sanders supporters. What is at stake in this election is more than just Bernie vs. Hillary. It is more than expanding Obamacare vs. Medicare for all. It is more than you vs. the establishment. It is about progressive policies vs. gutting Obamacare. It is about appointing justices that will expand our rights, not ones that will reverse Obergefell and Roe. But most of all, it is about showing this country that we want a third Democratic presidential term.

I am not going to tell you to switch your support to Clinton right now. You wouldn’t anyway. But if the time comes and Clinton wins the nomination, we will need you. We will need you just as passionate as we are about electing a Democrat as we are.

So support Sanders. Advocate his policies. Disagree with Clinton’s policies. But do not bring her personal life into this. Do not attack her personally. Because come November, we are all in this together.


Jordan Paul is a former fellow for the Ready for Hillary super PAC. He is a senior political science major and can be reached at