Think before you theme

By The Beacon | November 17, 2015 9:48am

Cheyenne Schoen's father spent years in the Air Force, meaning that she knows what it's like to grow up a "military brat".

Media Credit: Hannah Baade / The Beacon

by Cheyenne Schoen |


I recently heard some friends brainstorming themes for their next house party. Here are a few they considered: ABC (anything but clothes). Catholic school party. Ten minutes before a porno. CEOs and office hoes. GI Joes and Army hoes. The list goes on.

I was astounded. Here we are at a Catholic college that prides itself on admitting intelligent individuals who supposedly have passed some unwritten standards for morals and integrity.

Yet intoxicated guests will stumble through the door in scantily clad costumes, adhering to whatever cheap, degrading “theme” has been chosen by the people serving the keg.

What kind of message do hosts send to their guests with themes like “CEOs and office hoes?” Sorry girls, you can’t come in unless you’re dressed like a ho. Boy in the tie? Come right in. And God forbid a female come dressed as a CEO in a business suit.

And what’s worse is that the less clothing a theme requires, the drunker the person wearing the costume must have to be in order to justify their choice. Could you imagine someone showing up to a party sober, wearing nothing but caution tape? It doesn’t happen.

We are smart people at the University of Portland. We need to act like it. Throw a wine and cheese party. Host an Old Hollywood movie night. Delve into a murder mystery party. Have fun, but be smart about the message you’re conveying to your peers through the themes you pick.


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