Letter to the editor: Critique of Planned Parenthood editorial

By The Beacon | October 28, 2015 4:01pm

Dear Beacon Editorial Board,


Thank you for addressing the difficult and complex abortion issue. Thanks especially for calling us “pro-life” because the choice we advocate is life for the unborn child.

As a Holy Cross priest, I am in my 18th year teaching science at the University of Portland. I believe in approaching all life situations in the same way. First, determine all the relevant facts. Second, clearly state your value system. Third, use impeccable logic to join facts and values.

Unfortunately, one “fact” in your essay is both incorrect and incomplete: It is incorrect because Planned Parenthood’s forensic analysis of the Center for Medical Progress videos acknowledged that they were edited only for length but not for content; incomplete because Planned Parenthood’s leadership apologized only for the tone but not the content of what their people said about selling organs and body parts of aborted babies. Another omission is that a very substantial percentage of Planned Parenthood revenue comes from abortions.

Thanks also for the two personal testimonies, especially that of Jenna’s friend whose three days of excruciating pain and two months of emotional turmoil do not tell the whole story. I’ve served eight times on Rachel’s Vineyard retreats for women (and men!) suffering severe trauma due to abortion experiences. I’ve cried with well over 100 people while absorbing their personal testimonies. Some have endured debilitating addictions and destructive behaviors for more than 50 years!

Pregnancy resource centers are available for those who choose life. Resources like Rachel’s Vineyard help begin a psychologically and spiritually sound healing process for those who chose abortion.

If you are considering abortion, please choose life for your child. Real alternatives are available. Just ask!


Fr. Ron Wasowski, C.S.C. is an associate Professor of Environmental Studies and can be reached at wasowski@up.edu.