Editor-in-chief welcome

By The Beacon | September 2, 2015 11:16am

Katie Dunn |


This school year marks the beginning of a lot of exciting, new things at UP. There’s a shiny, huge, new rec center, a pub going into The Cove, construction on a new dorm is underway and more students attend UP than ever before.

In the midst of all these changes, The Beacon is making some changes too. After this issue, we’re dropping our print edition down to 12 pages. We want to emphasize our online presence and continue our push to meet students where they are.

That means we’ll be on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds more. We’re going to try as hard as we can to post something new online every day, which means our app will also have new content constantly. We want to bring students the news they need to hear, people they should know about and showcase the exciting things they’re doing.

We do the best we can to find all the great stories that should be told from the UP community, but sometimes we miss them. That’s why I want to invite everyone to come to us with story ideas, share your opinions and raise important issues. We’re the voice of the students, which means we’re here for you.

As editor-in-chief, I get to meet a ton of interesting people and hear a lot of great stories. As a senior who lives off campus, I can sometimes feel disconnected from campus. That’s why I need the student body to share with me the cool things people are doing in class, out of class and in your lives outside of school.

So here’s my welcome to the freshmen: We’re The Beacon, and we love to tell stories and report the news. We welcome opinions and student voices at all times. We’re online, in print and on social media. Come by the newsroom in St. Mary’s anytime to say hi and send us any story ideas you have. Don’t be too nervous or stressed; everything is going to work out, so enjoy college!

And to returning Pilots: Welcome back to The Bluff! Keep the great conversations we started last year going by writing in to us. Seniors, we promise not to ask you what you’re doing after graduation and just ignore the fact this is our last year together.

Thank you everyone for reading The Beacon. We’re your voice and want to do you justice. Keep us updated on what’s going on in the community and have an amazing school year.


Katie Dunn is the Editor-in-chief of The Beacon and a senior business major. She can be reached at dunn16@up.edu.