Letters to Paul

By The Beacon | January 30, 2014 3:07am

W.C. Lawson |

When I found myself in spiritual and psychological isolation after the death of my mother almost three years ago, my cousin introduced me to local author and Buddhist practitioner Paul Levy for guidance. Little did I know how much my view of the world around me would profoundly change.

As I struggled with the darkness of evil and suffering, Levy exposed to me the truth about what’s really going on in our world. I studied two of his books, “Wetiko: The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity” and “Dispelling Wetiko.” Every so often we would meet to discuss reflections from his books and talk Buddhism.

Wetiko is a term coined by Native Americans and has been referred to in other terms, such as “malignant egophrenia,” as Levy calls it. Wetiko is a psychic virus. It is a “bug in the system, in-forms and animates the madness of so-called civilization, which in a self-perpetuating feedback loop feeds the madness within ourselves,” Levy wrote in “Wetiko: The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity.” It is an interdimensional, psychic disorder that co-operates in our field of consciousness to dream up a reality in which it hides itself from being seen on a global scale. While using us as the instruments of its deception, Wetiko manifests and incarnates itself in our surrounding world.

The disease is embedded in our psyche, causing us to act against our own true nature and capitalize on each other as means to an end. The thirst for power has been evident all throughout the history of life itself, and unfortunately we have indulged the convention of wealth and power. This is an illustration of Wetiko manifesting in our outside world, especially in our global financial system, which is making our situation on this planet worse and worse by allowing us to capitalize on our (only) precious resources needed for survival, only for the gain of illusioned wealth.

“Let’s look at how we are using our energy: we are literally investing our resources into developing engines of mass destruction so as to keep ourselves safe and protect ourselves,” Levy wrote in “Dispelling Wetiko.” “In the process, we are destroying each other, ourselves, and the biosphere. We are literally feeding and supporting our own genocide.”

The problem with understanding and shining the light on Wetiko is that it is contained in a field almost invisible to us in the blind spots of our subconsciousness.  As Levy has mentioned to me, it is as if our consciousness is sitting in the passenger seat of a moving car (life) and our subconsciousness is steering the wheel, steering us against our own best interest. Wetiko “shadow projects” itself from our non-local subconscious field as we have unwittingly become normalized in a culture that prevents us from using our own cosmic creativity. In deep discussions with Levy, he said this lack of imagination of the evil existing in humanity is a direct reflection in the lack of intimacy with our potential evil, which “enables the malevolence of Wetiko to have nearly free reign in our world.” It is as if we have unknowingly signed the dotted line and accepted this demonic, abnormal behavior to completely take us over. “This state of inner psychological warfare is mirrored by the sinister psychological operations being instituted by the powers that be in the outside world,” Levy said.

The universe is symbolically showing us that what is happening globally is a direct reflection to the going-ons of archetypal forces in our individual psyche. By shining the light on Wetiko, these mirror reflections give rise to its awareness and we can detach ourselves from it imprisoning our subconscious.  This is a pinnacle in time in history for our species, as the universe is offering us a gift and the gift is Wetiko! It is so beautifully cosmic that we are at a threshold point in which the very thing (Wetiko) that will potentially destroy us all is the very thing that will wake us up in this collective psychosis and elevate us to actually move forward in the universe. “This is nothing other than an evolutionary quantum leap in human consciousness, unimaginable until now,” Levy said.

My mother knew of this kind of dark energy before she died, and it absolutely crushes me that I was a few years too late to discuss this with her. I strongly recommend for everyone to read Levy’s most recent book, “Dispelling Wetiko.” We need to spread the word and give rise to its awareness. Don’t close your eyes, it is now our time to wake up from this dream.

W.C. Lawson is a senior communication studies major. He can be reached at lawson14@up.edu.