From The Beacon to The Washington Post

By The Beacon | January 23, 2014 7:24pm
Brigid Schulte, Beacon alumna, writer for The Washington Post and author | Photo by Peter Heimberg

“I’m not sure if it was slicing up long reams of typeset copy with an exacto knife and laying out pages of The Beacon late at night – keeping an eye out for the other slap-happy staffers with a penchant for lighting fire crackers – or all the black and white photo developing chemical fumes I inhaled during the countless absorbing and happy hours I spent in the darkroom in the basement of Christie, but my years at the University of Portland set me out on a journey to tell true stories about the way we live that has taken me from New York to Wyoming and South Carolina, from the White House and halls of Congress, to homeless shelters, fields of rare orchids, bat caves and Haitian coups. Margaret Mead used to say that she was wise enough to never grow up, I imagine because she found such joy and meaning in her work. I feel the same.

The Beacon helped light the way.”

-Brigid Schulte

UP/Beacon alumna, Washington Post staff writer, Pulitzer prize winner,author of “Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play when No One Has the Time” – to be published in March, 2014 by Sarah Crichton Books/ Farrar Straus & Giroux