Be courteous in the library

By The Beacon | November 7, 2013 2:48am

By Caroline Mann |

Library staff read with interest Rebekah Markillie’s column speaking to her frustrations in trying to find quiet study areas in the library.  Although we’ve tried to create spaces for everyone, it can be a challenge balancing group and individual needs, and the tension over noise is not unexpected.  We do understand the need for quiet study space and are committed to providing that on our lower floor. When the noise level becomes unacceptable, we encourage students in the library to communicate with each other  — in most cases people just aren’t that aware of how much their voices are carrying (let’s call it the “cell phone phenomenon”).  But if you aren’t comfortable with that, just let us know at the service desk and we’ll do our best to talk the noisemakers down.  We’re really pleased to see so many in the campus community using and enjoying the library and we want to do our best to make Clark Library a superior study destination.

Caroline Mann is the head of public service at the Clark Library. She can be reached at