Faces on The Bluff

By The Beacon | March 21, 2013 12:00am

Cailee Cichowitz (Stephanie Matusiefsky)

By By Stephanie Matusiefsky

We asked: What are you listening to?

Cailee Cichowitz sophomore, nursing

"I am listening to Coldplay and Ben Rector."


Claire Seibold sophomore, mathematics

"'Let Her Go' by The Passengers."


Elizabeth Schmahl sophomore, nursing

"I just recently got the Phillip Phillips CD and started listening to it."


Sarah Donohoe sophomore, biology

"I am listening to 'Iscariot' by Walk the Moon."

Claire Seibold (Stephanie Matusiefsky)

Elizabeth Schmahl (Stephanie Matusiefsky)

Sarah Donohoe (Stephanie Matusiefsky)