Narrowing Theo 101 is a disservice

By The Beacon | November 28, 2012 9:00pm

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By Jamie Strohecker, Letter to the Editor

I picked up the most recent edition of the Beacon (November 15, 2012) and the front page headline read "Theo 101 to teach only Christian doctrine".  I am not a student here nor do I teach here, however I have worked on the University campus for over 14 years as support staff in the Engineering school and one of the joys is interacting with students from all walks of life and religions.

Granted all that work and study here are aware that this is a Catholic institution, but I don't believe anyone would assume that since UP is Catholic, then of course it would automatically limit what students learn here in religion, history, math, or any field of study.

The idea of attending a university is to expand one's field of 'vision' if you will and learn more about what happens locally and globally.  By taking what appears to be a very narrow minded focus and offering only Christian faith in a required course does the students a disservice to their education.

Wouldn't it be nice and even helpful if all students had a better understanding of each other's religious beliefs since they'll be together here during their 4 or 5 years and exposed to even more diversity once they get out into the real world?  Let's help them understand and have at least basic world understanding instead of limiting what we think they need to know.