Letters to the Editor

By The Beacon | February 14, 2012 9:00pm

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Unopposed tickets: why vote?

Out of the entire student population, at least 10 percent needs to vote in order to elect a candidate, whether there is opposition for the ticket or not. By voting, you are expressing your voice about who will best advocate for our campus community.

In this year's ASUP Executive Board Election, with four positions available, there is only one contested ticket. The only race is between the two ASUP Secretary candidates, Julia Balistreri and Stephanie Fekete. All other positions are unopposed.

Even when there are uncontested positions, it is incredibly important to consider whom you want representing our student body. Especially since these are the women and men who are influential in deciding what is done with your money. Think critically and don't hold back in asking important questions.

With the election approaching, continue the conversation with your friends and classmates. Consider what is important to you and what is needed to make this community the best it can be. Next Tuesday and Wednesday, be sure to cast your ballots on the UP Portal and let your voice be heard.

Mara Kouides is a junior social work major and elections committee member. She can be contacted at kouides13@up.edu.



George Washington's birthday is numerically special

The first President of the United States, George Washington, was born on Feb. 22, 1732 (2-22-1732 or simply, 2221732) and died on Dec. 14, 1799 (12141799), at age 66. This year Feb. 22, 2012 (2222012), which marks Washington's 280th birthday, is numerically special. Here is why.

Note that Washington's full birth date 2221732 can be broken into its prime factors as 2 x 2 x 71 x 7823 where 7823 happens to be the 989th prime number. The digits of 989 add up to 26 and square of 26 times 3287 (which is the reverse of 7823) results in 2222012, that is, the full date number of Washington's 280th birthday!

Isn't this amazing, like a magic trick? In addition, 989 equals 23 x 43 and the sum of these two prime numbers is 66, Washington's death age!

Further, if Washington's 280th birthday 2222012 is expressed in terms of its prime factors as 2 x 2 x 13 x 13 x 19 x 173, these six prime numbers add up to 222, which represents Feb. 22nd – fascinating!

Lastly, as an aside, Washington's 490th birthday will be one-of-a-kind since its full date is 2222222!

Happy 280th birthday, George Washington!

Aziz Inan is a professor of electrical engineering and can be contacted at ainan@up.edu.