Letters to the Editor

By The Beacon | January 31, 2012 9:00pm

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More than just trees


When someone asks me about the work I do for Friends of Trees they are usually pretty shocked when I tell them that it is first and foremost a community engagement organization.

So where do the trees fit in?

If you have ever participated in a service project, you know the impact you're making goes much deeper than the physical aspect of the work. Yes, we plant trees on Saturdays, but the trees in the ground represent much more. They are a testimony to partnership, understanding and community involvement.

Friends of Trees has been in operation for over 22 years, and since then has planted over 420,000 trees and native plants. Trees have the ability to clean our air, water and soil, but they also possess the less obvious benefit of creating safer neighborhoods and thus happier people. Research has proven that people spend more time outside when trees are present, and this creates the opportunity for neighbors to meet and form relationships with one another. I have met some incredible humans at the plantings and feel proud to live in a city full of people willing to work together to make it a better place.

On MLK weekend, nearly 2,000 trees were planted, but it's not too late to respond to Dr. King's call to service. To become a part of this amazing organization, sign up for a Saturday planting in the Moreau Center or online!


Danielle Knott is a sophomore history and French major. She can be contacted at knott14@up.edu.



Disappointed by Supreme Court  


I thought your editorial was right on. As I understood the case, the school hired Perich's interim replacement and liked the replacement's performance better than Perich which led to the resignation request. I was surprised/disappointed more by the unanimity of the Supreme Court than their actual decision. I enjoy reading The Beacon even when Bon Appétit makes the headlines.  Keep up the good work.


Richard "Coach" Calbow is an employee of Bon Appétit. He can be contacted at Richard.Calbow@cafebonappetit.com.