Letters to the Editor

By The Beacon | November 29, 2011 9:00pm


Feminism comic inappropriate

I'm so happy that sexual assault and other forms of harassment on campus received significant attention in last week's issue of The Beacon. I think it is important to attempt to make students aware of these sorts of things because not all people tend to observe or even recognize harassment and assault on our campus as issues.

I am also grateful that my review of "I Am Feminism" received a spot in the paper. Thank you!

However, in regards to the comic that was drawn in conjunction with the Opinions section, I would like to note that I by no means support the use of violence to promote women's rights (or the rights of any person or group for that matter). I find it inimical to the feminist message to advertise the fight for women's rights as an aggressive and physical "fight" in the literal sense. Additionally, Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon intended to represent the empowerment of women through labor and economic gain, not aggression.

Thus, while I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to share my message, I would like to clarify that the image of feminism I attempt to convey does not coincide with the storyline of the "Women's Rights" comic strip.