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By The Beacon | April 20, 2011 9:00pm
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By Rowena Bramlette, Guest Commentary -- The Beacon

In considering increases to tuition and room and board, the University tries hard to balance students' costs with the economic realities of running our institution. Thus, I wanted to note an error in the finance article in the April 14, 2011 Beacon. The article states that "room and board rates are increasing by almost 7 percent." In actuality, the percentage increase in the combined room and board rates ranges from 2.79 percent to just under 4.50 percent. The 7.0 percent refers only to the change in the room price. Next year room rates will be equalized across campus; room charges will be the same no matter what residence hall you choose. Board charges vary depending on which plan you pick, and those percentage changes range from -2.73 percent to +1.07 percent. The combination of the room and the meal plan determines the total percentage increase. In 2011-12, there will be an increase in room and board rates, but in no case will the combined rate increase be greater than 4.5 percent.

-Rowena Bramlette, Director of Budgets.