Four years in review...

By The Beacon | April 20, 2011 9:00pm


Wally Pilot returns as UP's mascot - Fall 2009 (The Beacon archive)

By Elizabeth Vogel, Staff Writer --

It's true what they say about time flying. Many seniors might find it hard to believe it was only four years ago that they walked onto campus for the first time with hopes in their hearts and "undeclared" on their transcripts. Even if it feels like yesterday you met your freshman roommate, a lot has happened in four years. When seniors began their UP careers, The Bauccio Commons was half the size and just "The Commons." Shiley Hall was simply called the engineering building and Corrado Hall was the new dorm. Take a walk down memory lane with The Beacon and see just how much can happen in four years.


Freshman year: Making waves

As freshmen we were young and looking ahead to bright futures. We were finding our place in the UP community and helping improve life on The Bluff.

Fall 2007

-UP's acting club becomes an improv group called Act UP.

-The Little Red Bike Cafe moves into NoPo.

-The seventh and last "Harry Potter" book is released.

-A new group is created to promote sustainability.

Spring 2008

-UP approves the Gay Straight Partnership.

-Headline: "Recession Threat Fails to Faze Students." (Oh, how young and naïve we were.)

-Profile on student athlete and musician Jasonn Hannibal.

-ASUP passes a smoking resolution to enforce designated smoking areas.

Sophomore year: Under construction

Sophomore year was defined by change. New buildings popped up all over campus. Vampire craze swept the nation. Obama was elected president on a campaign of change. Some students adjusted to the changes more easily than others.

Fall 2008

-Construction begins on new dorm.

-Plans for a bell tower.

-Women's soccer team sponsors a room at the Ronald McDonald House.

-Students protest trees that are cut down.

Spring 2009

-Howard Hall is temporarily closed due to MRSA.

-Men's lacrosse begins its first season.

-Sexual assault policy is changed to include an immunity clause for victims.

-Lights to be added to crosswalk.

Junior Year: Global awareness

Two big events in the 2009-2010 school year woke us up the to the world beyond UP. Tragedy hit home when Molly Hightower was one of the victims of the Haiti earthquake. On campus, UP stepped up its sustainability efforts by banning bottled water.

Fall 2009

-Swine Flu scare.

-Wally returns as the mascot.

-ASUP discusses the possibility of a smoking ban, which stirs discussion on campus.

-Shiley Hall is dedicated.

Spring 2010

-UP mourns loss of alumna Molly Hightower in Haiti earthquake.

-UP bans the sale of bottled water.

-Basketball fans fall for Quinn.

-The Anchor opens.

Senior year: All grown up

As we began our senior year, the newly renamed Bauccio Commons revealed its new beauty and we mourned the fact that we'd only experience one year of improved dining. The first installment of the final Harry Potter movie came out, marking the end of an era and possibly our childhoods. Still, we were able to have fun, maybe too much fun, at the Dance of the Decades. Now as the year wraps up, seniors say goodbye to their home for the past four years, and go forth to change the world.

Fall 2010

-Record freshman class size.

-New Bauccio Commons opens.

-UP begins serving Starbucks Coffee.

-4-Loko is banned.

Spring 2011

-Dance of the Decades sends three students to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

-ASUP contributes to RISE Campaign.

-Matt Roloff speaks at UP.

-Food for Thought conference.