Dance Disagreements

By The Beacon | April 13, 2011 9:00pm

(The Beacon)

By Anna-Lise Krippaehne, Guest Commentary --

The recent controversy surrounding Dance of the Decades has generated much frustration within the UP community, including myself.

Why should we all be punished for a few students' careless mistakes? Just because a few students drank more than they should have should not be a reason to ruin the event for everyone. Dance of the Decades is meant for students to have fun and let loose.

I would not really call the 20 percent that agreed with a mandatory Breathalyzer a staggering statistic by any means.

My question is, what did the other 80 percent say? There are many other options other than a mandatory Breathalyzer test and a mandatory Breathalyzer would only deter students from attending. One option would be to hold the dance at Chiles Center as opposed to the Crystal Ballroom.

I think students feel the need to get so drunk in order to compensate for the long lines and bus rides that are required for the dance to be at the Crystal Ballroom. With the dance held in Chiles, students could simply walk to the dance, where there could be multiple entrances.

There are also many other benefits to holding the dance at Chiles, including decreasing drunk driving, increasing the amount of people that could come to the dance as well as reducing the ticket price.

Instead of spoiling the fun for everyone, we should fix the problems that are causing people to drink too much.

-Anna-Lise Krippaehne, junior nursing student.