Should the Beacon Tell Us How to Vote?

By The Beacon | February 17, 2011 9:00pm

By Austin Veiga, Guest Commentary -- The Beacon

I was highly disappointed with your "Two Cents on ASUP Candidates" article in last week's issue of The Beacon. Your arguments for each of the candidates were inconsistent and showed a lack of knowledge concerning the actual elections. To begin, your choice for president is based solely on the fact that Danielle is personable and is involved in more clubs on campus. Zack is involved with just as many activities as Danielle, and Chloe has her hand in multiple aspects on campus.

You include that Zack has the experience but favors the "adminstration's needs over the students needs." First off, administration is spelled wrong. Second off, Zack Imfeld clearly stated he wished to work with administration to achieve students' needs. You also included that "his focus also seems too closely limited to Villa Maria and ASUP." Go figure, an ASUP presidential candidate who is too focused on ASUP.

In the Vice Presidential category you chose Chris Collins because he will "stand up for us in the face of the administration." This job falls under the jurisdiction of the president not the vice president. This quality was never brought up during the debate and in no way qualifies Chris for the job of vice president. In addition, you once again put a candidate down for focusing too much on ASUP. Chloe is "centered in just ASUP." I would hope so. She is running for vice president of ASUP. She may be stretched thin because of student teaching next year, but won't Danielle Bibbs be stretched thin with ROTC?

            For Treasurer, you commented that Andy was unprofessional and apathetic during the ASUP debates. I found Chu equally apathetic, showing no emotion throughout the course of the debate.

            Finally, for CPB board, the editorial board chooses Hillary White over Sean Ducey, citing the infamous quote "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." There is one problem with the quote. Most people would agree that if you could make it better, then you should try to fix it. I am in no way diminishing Hillary's accomplishments this year, but she hasn't necessarily fulfilled the promises she made during last years campaign. Does anyone remember the "River Run?" No? Well it hasn't happened even though White ran on a campaign founded on this event. Ducey is a strong candidate now and deserves to fulfill his promises.

            As editors of The Beacon you deserve to know that you have made several severely biased decisions regarding this year's election. As a student who was undecided going into the debate at ASUP speech night, I came out seeing clear distinctions between who the candidates were. Zack Imfeld can work with the administration and Chloe Ruffin can run senate meetings just as well as Danielle Bibbs and Chris Collins. Opinions are structured on unbiased, factual information, not misinformed preconceived notions against any candidate. I feel I can clearly represent more than just myself, when I convey my disapproval of your "opinion piece."