Dance or drunkfest?

By The Beacon | February 2, 2011 9:00pm

(Samantha Heathcote -- The Beacon)


Stolen wristbands. Shut down bar. Ambulances shuttling kids to the ER. Detox. MIPs. The Dance of the Decades was full of debacles last weekend.

Not to mention a lot of us didn't look that classy. Many costumes covered little more than a bikini would. Dressing up like a cave person doesn't give you license to devolve in decency.

Dances are meant to be a good time for students to dance and hang out with their friends, but this is not MTV's "Spring Break."

Sure, it's inevitable that many students will drink with their friends and have a good time, but students need to be more aware of their limits, not only for the sake of their health and safety, but also for the sake of staying out of trouble.

Students know Public Safety comes to these dances and will give citations for any number of alcohol-related violations.

If students don't want the cops or Public Safety involved, they need to police themselves. Know your limits and know when to tell friends they're at their limit.

In addition to going overboard on drinking, dressing up for themed parties can be fun, but it shouldn't be an excuse to push things beyond the point of promiscuity. Believe it or not, it's possible to look cute without looking like you belong on the corner of 82nd Ave. and Skanky St.

The point is UP is full of bright students who overachieve in the classroom. We should bring those brains to the party too. Everyone knows the phrase "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt." We shouldn't have to get to the point of sending kids to the hospital and detox before we rein in the fun.

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