Letter to the Editor

By The Beacon | December 2, 2010 9:00pm

By Andrew Hansen, Guest Commentary -- The Beacon

Courtesy is not dead As someone who recently graduated from UP and is now working in the real world, I find it discouraging to read op-ed pieces in the Beacon that serve to prove one's intelligence and ability to list stats without any context at all.  Mr. Hershey's piece (11/18) suggests that chivalry supports the oppression of women.  Last I checked, I got a thank you for opening a door for a lady.  In fact, it still earns you a lot of respect in professional society today (something a job seeker may want to consider in this rough economy, that is, if you're not still afraid to return to the UP Single's Club next semester).  I'm not saying my door holding abilities got me a job (it was probably due to my extensive political knowledge of this growing Obama-Taliban administration you reference), but it made me seem like less of a kid to be sure.

Opening a door just seems like a nice thing to do.  But if you still feel the need to stage a protest when you get back in January, I'll understand.  Just make sure you use school-appropriate colors when you spray paint the Franz Hall doors with the words "PIG" and "MISOGYNIST.

Andrew Hansen Class of 2010