Wally too wild for UP

By The Beacon | December 2, 2009 9:00pm

By Allison Goodfellow

Dear Wally Pilot,

I recently received your latest postcard, and I am glad to see that you are having such a good time in Las Vegas. However, for your own sake, I wonder if perhaps you should reconsider the content of your postcards.

After all, if the administration should happen to see you enjoying the company of such disreputable individuals, they may get the false impression that you are participating in activities antithetical to Catholic social teachings.

People might even suggest that your postcard could possibly be misconstrued as immoral and indecent especially by the standards of a Catholic institution, which prides itself on educating the entire person, mind, body and spirit.

Also, I know it would seem odd that anyone might find such a portrayal of women offensive, but there are those people who simply do not understand how wholesome and family oriented Vegas showgirls tend to be.

Some of the local families might even get the wrong idea about the values UP promotes.

In fact, some of the extremely conservative families may even get the absurd idea that your new friends are not good role models for their children. There may even be a few people on this campus who would prefer not to be associated with such activities.

My final concern is that the young women, who are going to be representing the University in basketball, might find it offensive that you are going to Vegas not to support our team, but rather to take advantage of the many other forms of entertainment which are so popular in Las Vegas. These talented women may prefer to be represented by something more worthy of their abilities and position as student leaders at the university.

I am certain that there must be other equally positive ways to portray our athletic department without offending the overly sensitive people on campus and in the community.

Therefore I recommend that in the future, you choose only to send out pictures that align with the stated goals and teachings of the university.

After all, people easily come to faulty conclusions, even when you work hard to portray value-based activities like in your previous postcard.

Allison Goodfellow is a senior English history and German studies major