About the Editorial Board

Malika Andrews

Malika Andrews, originally from Oakland, Calif., is the Editor-in-Chief of The Beacon and a senior organizational communication studies major at the University of Portland.

After being selected as one of 12 students nationwide to attend the Sports Journalism Institute in 2016, Andrews spent the summer working at the Denver Post. During her 10-week internship, she covered the Denver Broncos, the Denver Nuggets, the Rockies, underwater hockey (yep, it’s a thing!) and traveled to Las Vegas to cover NBA Summer League.

She has published freelance work with the Associated Press, Teen Vogue, Yahoo! Sports and The Advocate. She has also an appearance on ESPN.

Before assuming her current role, Andrews served as The Beacon’s Sports Editor for two years. During that time, she won numerous state and national awards including “Best Writing” award from Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association and the “Salute to Excellence” award for collegiate sports writing from the National Association of Black Journalists.

Andrews recently accepted a post-graduate fellowship with the New York Times.

In her free time, Andrews enjoys drinking lots of coffee and watching the Golden State Warriors. You can usually (okay, always) find her in the newsroom doing both of those things. Holler on Twitter @malika_andrews. Same handle on Instagram. 

Clare Duffy

Clare Duffy is the News and Managing Editor for The Beacon and a communication studies major (and Spanish minor) at the University of Portland. Her other duties include drinking more coffee than any other Beacon staffer — possibly combined.

Now a senior, Duffy has been a proud Beacon-ite since her freshman year, with a brief pause to wander around Europe with UP’s Salzburg, Austria study abroad program. Prior to her current position, Duffy worked as a reporter and news editor, during which time she won several awards from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association for coverage of the Umpqua Community College shooting and UP students who were affected by the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.

During the summer of 2015, Duffy worked as an intern at The Bulletin in Bend, Ore. covering local news. She covered everything from a ground squirrel art project to how minimum wage increases would impact small business owners and the murder of a local young woman.

Duffy recently accepted an internship with Oregon Public Broadcasting on the Think Out Loud show.

Originally from San Luis Obispo, Calif., Duffy enjoys getting outside to surf or climb mountains whenever she’s not in the newsroom. When she is in the newsroom (most of the time), she will always gladly accept any free coffee or cookie donations coming through St. Mary’s.

Hit her up on Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat (she is obsessed): @claresduffy.

Rachel Rippetoe

Rachel Rippetoe is the Living Editor for The Beacon. She is a junior communication studies and political science major.

Rippetoe hails all the way from Nashville, Tenn. and exudes southern charm — not really — but she does say y'all occasionally. She is a connoisseur of southern food and a sweet potato fry enthusiast.

Rippetoe is a former intern of Portland Radio Project, Portland's independent radio station. She has also worked in digital design and marketing at the Nashville headquarters of the cable television network RFD-TV.

Rachel loves indulging in conversation about popular culture, the latest and greatest Netflix series and dogs.

Rachel studied abroad in London during the fall semester of her sophomore year and she is likely to obnoxiously bring it up during any conversation.

Rachel tolerates social media and is periodically an entertaining poster. You can find her at @rachelrippetoe on Twitter and Facebook. You can find her on Instagram at @Rachel_Rippetoe.

Ben Arthur

Ben Arthur of Bellevue, Wash. is the Sports Editor for The Beacon. He is a senior majoring in communication studies and minoring in French.

In the summer of 2017, Arthur will intern at the Denver Post as a part of the Sports Journalism Institute.

Arthur spent the summer of 2016 interning at KOINTV, the CBS Affiliate in Portland. Before becoming sports editor, he worked as a sports reporter and analyst at The Beacon for a year and a half.

Arthur's true journalism love is digging in behind-the-scenes and writing features about your favorite Pilots.

In his free time, Arthur loves to read fiction, hang out with his family and play the piano (even though the only song he remembers from four years of lessons is Lil Wayne's Lollipop. While he's still salty that the Seattle Sonics left his hometown, his jumpshot will leave you speechless. Hit him up on Twitter @benyarthur and ask to play two-on-two. Same handle on Instagram.

Olivia Sanchez

Olivia Sanchez is new to The Beacon this year as the Opinion Editor. She is a people lover, and also a student of psychology, an athlete and, as of recently, a proud kitten owner. Her time is best spent listening, talking and jumping into bodies of water. She organizes her life in a bullet journal that will never be quite as cool as the ones seen on Pinterest, but she loves it nonetheless.

Sanchez is passionate about mental health advocacy, healthy interpersonal relationships and topping everything she eats with avocado. She’s excited to talk about those things in the Opinion Section this year.

Sanchez spent her freshman year of college at Santa Clara University in California and is now beginning her second year in Portland as a junior. She has lived in seven different states and doesn’t have a favorite, but loved autumn in New England and feels most like herself in Portland.

When she is not writing or rowing or playing with her three-month old kitten, Francesca, Sanchez can be found in coffee shops or bookstores or getting way too serious about family board game night — often laughing much louder than is probably appropriate.

Cheyenne Schoen

Cheyenne Schoen is the Senior News Reporter and Copy Editor for The Beacon.

As a military brat, she has lived all over the country and is passionate about telling the stories of her local community.

She’s a travel junkie who got the bug during her sophomore year studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria. She is always itching to be in the great outdoors. When Schoen is not reporting or at school, you can often find her training for triathlons in the pool, on her bike or on the track (in that order).   

Schoen spent the summer interning as a reporter with the Herald and News in Klamath Falls, Ore. where she covered city government, agriculture, wildlife and local events. She covered a range of subjects from previews to features to enterprise stories.

A story she reported for The Beacon about a transgender student was a finalist for the 2015 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award for best in-depth reporting.

Catch her at every open mic night in the Pilot House this year picking out tunes on her homemade cigar box ukulele or at almost every campus event involving free food.

Schoen is excited to contribute to The Beacon in its first year as an all-digital platform. Find her on social media at @cheyschoen.

Hannah Baade

Hannah Baade is the Creative Director for The Beacon and a junior political science major at the University of Portland.

Her job is taking and editing photos for The Beacon — but she wishes it was taking photos of delicious food (after which point she eats said delicious food). A special section where she photographed and wrote about food won The Beacon a national college newspaper award during the 2015-16 school year.

Over the summer of 2016, Baade interned with Kroger (Fred Meyer) working on their marketing team.

She didn’t really want to write a bio, but she does definitely want you to follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @hanbaade.