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Karen Eifler, co-director of the Garaventa Center, spoke about the wisdom we can learn from the sit-com "Schitt's Creek." Collage by Jennifer Ng. Images from Unsplash and IGN.

Best wishes, warmest regards: Where comedy and theology collide

Harnessing the power of humor, the Garaventa Center teamed up with the Beckman Humor Project on Tuesday night to share with University of Portland students, staff, and faculty the lessons theology can learn from the witty, Canadian sitcom, “Schitt’s Creek”. 

Freshman class senators Nevaeh Bray (left) and Miguel Navarro (right) still are finding ways to lead despite the pandemic. Photos courtesy of Nevaeh Bray and Miguel Navarro. Photo illustration by Marek Corsello.

Despite unplanned beginnings, freshman class senators continue giving back to community

Although returning students can take comfort in the connections they already made on campus, freshmen at UP were left floating in a digital pool, often without the satisfaction of closure on their high school experience.  Now, freshman class Senators Miguel Navarro and Nevaeh Bray are taking on the challenge of leading a class online, hoping to still be able to work towards the inclusion of minority groups on campus, as well as expanding mental health resources, all while bringing the freshman class together. 

The land that UP sits on first belonged to Native American tribes, such as the Multnomah, Cowlitz and Clackamas.

UP celebrates Native American Heritage month virtually

We might think of The Bluff as the home to college students and faculty, but this wasn’t always the case. The land that University of Portland sits on first belonged to Native American tribes, such as the Multnomah, Cowlitz and Clackamas. In acknowledgment and out of respect, it is our duty to give homage to this land and culture. 

Laura Heffernan is a reporter for The Beacon. Photo courtesy of Laura Heffernan.

STAFF OPINION: OCD is not an adjective

Up until the point of being diagnosed with OCD in my first year of high school and continuing in my life now, I was and still am experiencing and noticing all these different things I have to do in my everyday life in order for everything to feel right and under control. All those compulsions, intrusive thoughts and general anxieties I have to cope with daily are exhausting. What makes it worse is when people use OCD as an adjective. OCD is not an adjective and should not be used as one.