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(Left to right) Kingsley, Reva Devito and Lennon Stella will play a series of virtual concerts of Nov. 21 for CPB's "Reconnect" event. Photo illustration by Molly Lowney. Photos courtesy of Unsplash, Kingsley, Reva Devito and Mick Management.

Music on The Bluff going virtual

This Saturday, the Campus Program Board (CPB) is hosting a virtual concert series featuring artists Kingsley, Reva Devito and Lennon Stella. 

A pumpkin sits alone wearing a mask. Halloween this year will require masks and distance.Photo Illustration by Marek Corsello

This year's Halloween twist: Reality is more frightening than fiction

COVID-19 might be throwing a wrench in your halloween plans. Particularly in college, changing your typical plans (hopefully) from passing out candy and costume parties to movie night and pumpkin carving competitions is a total bummer. We know you wanted to go to a wild party and dress up as a bunny or vampire, and now that is going to look a little different, but that doesn’t mean your holiday has to be completely ruined. 

Havi Stewart is the living editor for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: Find your botanical bliss

I will admit, when I bought my first plant it was strictly for aesthetic purposes, to add some life to my room. But quickly my windowsill with only one little Golden Pothos became packed with many others—and suddenly my room was overflowing with lush foliage.

With in-person dates feeling too risky, many singles have taken to Zoom to facilitate date nights. Video calls have helped couples stay connected amidst social distancing and COVID precautions. Photo Illustration by Emma Sells

If COVID doesn't take you out, can I?

Rewind six months to the beginning of COVID-19 induced isolation, when sitting bored and alone on your couch watching Tiger King seemed to be the only logical way to spend your time. If you were single, and quarantining alone, it is likely that you felt inclined to pick up your phone, download a dating app, and start swiping.

A UP student tries to focus on their online work in a distracting home environment. Photo Illustration by Molly Lowney

Is online learning shrinking your attention span?

Remote classes may not have been your ideal plan this year, but now you've traded on-campus classes for Zoom calls and library study rooms for wherever you can find peace and quiet in your house. Without social interaction and the structure of regular school days, you may be struggling to stay focused and motivated. The Beacon spoke to UP’s own psychology professors for some tips for staying focused and productive at home.

The abrupt transition to virtual classrooms leaves students - and faculty - with questions and concerns.

Common myths about online classrooms

With the transition to online schooling, this turmoil has left many students concerned about their own privacy and safety while using the app. Here are some commonly asked questions that you might have about using Zoom.

Havi Stewart, Beacon reporter.

STAFF OPINION: Perspective check

Many people are focusing on more mundane problems rather than the detrimental way that COVID-19 is impacting our world. Dwelling on the loss of graduation, your child's birthday party, or the ability to freely leave your house are such insignificant issues when we take the opportunity to look through the lens of reality, a reality that there have been days with over 2,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. alone. 

In the days of Zoom conferences and endless FaceTime, social distancing can make you feel much further than six feet from the world.

The risks of social isolation (and what you can do about it)

Although social distancing is our best bet at protecting physical health, the effects of isolation on mental health can’t be ignored. Isolation can be psychologically damaging, causing low moods and cognitive problems including processing information, decision making, memory storage and recall.

UP’s graduation ceremonies are moving online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemic moves University of Portland graduation online

UP is moving its graduation ceremony online due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement came on Friday afternoon from University President Fr. Mark Poorman in an email to all students, faculty, staff and parents. The ceremony was originally to take place in the Chiles Center on May 3.

D’Lo is a queer, transgender Tamil-Sri Lankan-American actor, writer and comedian. He was the keynote speaker of this year's Diversity Dialogues.

D'Lo closes out Diversity Dialogues with talk about being transgender

To wrap up the two week long 2020 Diversity Dialogues, the University of Portland brought in actor, writer and comedian D’Lo —  a queer, transgender, Shri lankan-American speaker who has been seen on HBO, Netflix and CW — to give a keynote presentation. Friday night, the Mago Hunt Auditorium filled with students and community members who came to hear D’Lo’s talk.